Hurray!! iMac is 20 years old.

iMac has been at the forefront of a patented apple design. Which is has also been trademarked. Same design goals, yet it keeps captivating the heart of people with its amazing features and designs. To some, iMac is the machine that helped in the continued existence of Apple as far back as 1998. It was first introduced in May 1998.

Then, Apple wanted to create a product that would keep the brand’s name on people’s lips.
So it’s first computer that could easily connect with the internet, and achieve the ‘plug and play’ function was produced. It however succeeded because of its unique look that was often described as “candy coloured”. There were lots of positive reviews about iMac at that time it hit the market in 1998 as it became the number one selling personal computer

which was sold at the price of $1,224.
However, iMac was also criticized for its lack of Floppy drive. That is, the ability for it to connect to a printer. imac was said to have sold about 278,000 in its first week and then about 800,000 by the end of 1998. As the year went by, iMac later introduced; USB, FireWire, wireless networking, watching movies on the desktop, classic designs with beautiful colours, quiet fanless operation.

So far iMac, has been praised as a result of its tech designs, beautiful colours as well as frequent technological improvements and updates. One would applaud iMac for its ability to change, adjust and give new designs. According to Phill Schiller, he commended iMac of the way it epitomizes Apple in creating inovative products relentlessly over the years.
Finally the production of iMac since 1998 ended around 2014.

However it was around 2017, that Apple introduced the iMac Pro. The iMac Pro, had the same iMac design but incredible technical properties that can do twice of what the previous iMac can do. Therefore, iMac’s epic design, display and wonderful specifications can be said to have greatly improved over the last 20 years.