Hyper Facts Review: All the world's facts

If you thought you couldn’t carry massive books all the time but having a portable solution could solve your problem then I think its almost done with this ultimate mobile encyclopedia which promises loads of information in a jiffy.

With the entry of ‘Hyper Facts’ to the App Store the search for information simplifies and you have access to a walking encyclopedia 24 hours. The App is structured in a very organized form to fit in different kinds of users. Designed with deep research, the App delivers what is expected from a handy encyclopedia App like this.

With the App a user can go about searching for different articles relating to people, works, facts, topic, events, places and much more. The functionality of the App is quite straightforward with the UI being clean and simple.

You can search a query by typing into the index and the App displays the complete information along with all related links to the query. Any search through the database via categories is also allowed which makes the App ‘no sweat’.

The powerful feature of the App is that it shows all possible encyclopedic links integrated to your original query. It further helps to explore a bunch of other facts clubbed with the primary topic which you searched. So, as a user you get an overview of all the relevant topics in one shot plus direct links to Wikipedia as well. What a relief!

The App brings to your pocket a search of over 9 million unique facts and 40 million relations. It also features an interactive map where you can navigate across the globe with Google Maps. The user gets the advantage of finding points of interest within their respective city, town, or village.

There are probable chances of getting lost in this voluminous flood of information but don’t worry you can easily sail through with a fresh search at any point of time. Use the ‘favorites’, add a category or thing and make life easy. 🙂

Priced at $0.99, My rating for the App is 4 out of 5 making it irresistible to grab a copy. Check out this wonderful ‘miniature encyclopedia’ lying right there in your iDevice.

Category: Reference
Updated: Jan 06, 2011
Current Version: 1.2
Size: 4.4 MB
Language: English
Seller: Van Aart Consultancy

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