I am a free-spirit with the iPad, nostalgia trickled!

With the passage of time the heavy word ‘computer’ got smaller and smaller and along with the dwarfing of this oversized word computer which I am not able to pen down anymore laptops came into the picture, what was our reaction? this is it! You can’t make a laptop smaller than this perhaps we all were wrong because with the new magical invention iPad the amount of energy thrusted upon in the gizmo world has been breathtaking.

This iPad at its very launch set up a shocking recording of sales which revealed “A Sale in every 3-seconds” in US and even in UK iPad was sold in every 5-minutes. iPad came with a price of $450 and above. In the US alone 80 millions iPads were sold in a span of just 80 days in the month of june itself. You can observe that the iPad is even smaller than your normal diary notebook in terms of thickness, length and size altogether but it a work which is equal to a laptop, several notebooks, a house, an office and almost everything under the sun.
When the release of the iPad people all around have shown multiplied amazement for the product because of top engineered finishing, innovative feel and awesome friendliness. Who would have thought that one day we would be using this kind of smart technology and such a massive compression in a small tablet called the iPad.
iPad truly is a next-generation device. It is an ‘all in one’ device where you neither require a mouse nor keyboard but just showing the magic of your fingers on the screen. Moreover, It provides you a full screen view and also a motion sensor. It can easily fit anywhere, thanks to is sleek and slim feature along for the less number of kilos your need to carry.
The iPad comes with the Wi-Fi and 3G technology. It can be anyone and everyone, your best friend, your buddy to the loo, in a bedroom, kitchen, meeting place, game show, TV talk shows, during their flight and not only that even professional doctors, executives, business community and students and uniform groups (US and UK army) and the list goes on and on.

In someway or the other this gadget will surely bring in a ‘Vow-factor’ from you be it in a loo where none can hear the praise and appreciation 🙂 but nonetheless, All thanks to the Apple team for this wonderful product which is like a gift and blessing to the people and everyone is enjoying and getting more personal with the iPad.
So are you one of them?

I can’t wait to learn about your reactions and comments, please drop in with you feel on this.

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  1. iPad has been a very fascinating item to me. It is very smooth to use and easy. well thanks for wonderful article and really enjoy a lot

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