I want the new iPhone. Price?

The all new iPhone looks amazing, the feel of the WWDC event would not be over until I have one. Apple has no compromises regarding the eye-appeal factor would always be a 100 percent.

The refreshing deviation from the 3GS to the new one seems great with the addition of video calling, micro SIM, improved battery life and various other improvements. So now you just need decide which one to buy the black or the white one, 16GB or 32GB and a revision regarding what AT&T has in store for us. Nonetheless, I will put forth all the above details and my take too. Just tried to make life simple, a small move. Please feel free to drop in your reactions and comments.

Color Availability:
I am sure you must be knowing this even if you aren’t an Apple fanatic. The iPhone4 is available in two colors – White and Black but not to forget that each color has two different storage capacities (16GB and 32GB). The prices will be different for both storage capacities.

The prices are $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB. U.S people need to bond with the folks at AT&T into a two year contract to get an iPhone but if you hate AT&T then you should be ready to pay more.

Price without AT&T contract:
For the 16GB the price is $599 and for the 32GB the price is $699, heavy one?

Wireless Data Plans:
Existing iPhone users need not upgrade to a new plan but there are three different data plans for a new iPhone user which are as follows:

Data Plus: Pay $15 per month and get 200MB
Data Pro: Pay $25 per month and get 2GB
Tethering: Add tethering to the data pro plan for $20 per month. (Data Pro Plan mandatory)

Unlimited Data Plan:
Sadly the unlimited data plan is no longer available but if you under this plan this the same will run until the lapse of contract for a price of $30 per month and this cannot be renewed anymore.

A word of caution: Phone upgrade eligibility:
Before proceeding with anything else just check your contract eligibility and the respective fees to be paid. This applies to 3G and 3GS users who upgrade in 2010 because after 2010 the price would mount to $399 and $499

Our Take:
Statistics reveal that 98% of smartphone users use less than 2GB a month on an average so now you just need to figure out three things, Color, storage capacity and lastly data usage which will result in iPhone4 in your hands
For more detailed information follow AT&T links mentioned below and if you are missing WWDC event then we have a video below which shows the event (iPhone4 release) wrapped in a video of 5 minutes.

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