I wish to go back to school, is it possible..nah!, possible with 50% discount [Wink]

It’s a hunky-dory news for all the educational institutions who have been wanting to pounce on something big, worthwhile and fruitful as well. Here’s a chance for all to avail for a 50% discount.

Inventions, innovations and offerings is how Apple has grown and positioned itself in everyone’s minds. The folks make a mark by coming up with something incredible and extraordinary at every shot with every single product. At the moment Apple has come with hefty discount offerings to attract more customers.

But the genre of such discount grabbers would only be the educational institutions. The policies and terms were revised keeping in mind the flourishing educational institutions providing computer education as mandatory.

Apple’s applications would be available with 50% discount to the educational institutes when purchased in bulk at one shot. Thus, this will allow all of their existing apps to be offered under the new program.

So, are all students ready to bunk classes, hide your iPod’s and iPhone’s to use some of the most amazing Apps gifted by the App Store.

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