iCEO Is New Steve Jobs Doll

iCEO Steve Jobs Doll

Introducing the new iCEO doll that in many ways, is a replica of Late Apple Co-founder, Steve Jobs. The doll wears mock turtleneck and the round glasses. It is also has the famous smirk of Steve Jobs on its face.

The doll has been made by Throwboy. It will be in markets very soon.

The doll is about 15 inches tall and dressed in real denim jeans and running shoes. The doll also has removable round spectacles, this iCEO doll will be the closest you’ll ever get to having Steve Jobs in your home.

Throwboy is creating just 1200 of these fine limited edition dolls. They are available for preorder now for $60, and Throwboy says they will start shipping around August. Throwboy is donating 10% of the proceeds from iCEO sales ($60 plus shipping cost) to the American Cancer Society.

Throwboy has plans to ship the dolls worldwide.

Following are some pictures of iCEO doll:

iCEO Steve Jobs Doll

iCEO Steve Jobs Doll

iCEO Steve Jobs Doll

iCEO Steve Jobs Doll

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Source: Cult Of Mac

Image Courtesy: Throwboy

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