Managing Your iCloud Backups And Storage From Your iOS Device [TUTORIAL]


Apple’s iCloud storage service does not work like Dropbox.

There some toggles in your Settings application that help you customize, and delete, your iOS backups. Managing these backups can help you save precious iCloud storage space. It would also prevent you from having duplicate backups.

So if you are trying to free up some space in your iCloud account, or manage your iCloud account more efficiently, this is the procedure that you need to follow.

STEP 1 – Open the Settings application on any one of your iOS devices that has been synced with your iCloud account.

STEP 2 – Tap the iCloud tab and select the Storage & Backup option. You will see your Total Storage and Available Storage. You will also see a Manage Storage button. Tap this button.


STEP 3 – Select the iOS device that you want to customize first. It will take you to a breakdown of your backup details including the last date that iCloud backed up your device. It would also tell you how much space the backup is taking up.


STEP 4 – From here, you can select which files you want iCloud to store. For example, if you use PhotoStream to sync your photos to iCloud already, you would not need to have them backed up a second time here. Turn it off.

If you do not want iCloud backing up your data at all, then in that case, you can choose to delete the backup which also turns off the auto-backup option. There is a Delete Backup button. You should remember to plug your device into your mac/ computer and backup to iTunes or you could find yourself in a bind in the future.

So in four easy steps, you can reduce the storage in your iCloud easily. Did you find this procedure useful. How did this procedure benefit you. Post your comments.

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