Icy, An Alternative to Cydia

IcyDo you think Cydia is slow? As a regular user of Cydia, I agree. For most of the time, it takes over 30s (sometimes even a minute) to launch Cydia. Even thoughCydia offers some great jailbreak applications, it’s a bit annoying for its slowness.

RipDev, the development teams behind Installer app, plans to challenge Cydia by offering a new iPhone installer that is much faster and lightweight than Cydia. And, it’s called Icy:

Icy is our take on the freeware package manager that uses APT repositories to install and remove packages available in another free iPhone installer application, Cydia. The goal was to create a fast, lightweight and more slick solution that is easy and cool to use.

Icy has just been released and it is designed to be compatible with all Cydia packages. That means, Icy can read and download any packages available on Cydia.

To learn more about Icy, check out the below video:

To install Cydia, you can add a new source http://apt.ripdev.com and then install Icy from the Packaging category. Icy is completely free for download. So, why not try it out?

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