iFixit indicate Third Party 2018 MacBook Pro with iMac Pro Repairs Possible for now

This week, Apple states that Mac with the Apple T2 chip includes the iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro. This passes Apple diagnostics with certain repairs of getting completed.  This is according to an internal document of Macrumors.

The document states:

For Macs with the Apple, T2 chip processes repair taking place. Hence one finds that it is not complete for certain part replacements. Thus the AST 2 System Configuration suite runs. Failure to perform these has resulted in an inoperative system and incomplete repair.

• For notebooks: Display assembly, logic board, top case, and Touch ID board
• For desktops: Logic board and flash storage

Apple’s diagnostic software limited has its internal use by Genius Bars at Apple Stores, with Apple Authorized Service Providers, where there are institutions suggestive of independent repair shops without Apple certification unable to repair certain parts on the iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro moving forward.

Moreover, the document with a debate reignited planned obsolescence, as there were concerns when Apple stops service of the iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro, with repairs of alternative channels might not be possible.

The news thus quickly opposed by “Right to Repair” activists believes Apple and other device manufacturers legally required in making replacement parts, repair guides, and tools available to the public. Apple continues actively opposing “Right to Repair” in the United States with legislation.

Those activists thus hears delightfully whatever be the reason about Apple states in the document actually and not the case right now.

After our report published, the repair experts at iFixit swaps out the display of logic board on a 2018 MacBook Pro and the notebook remained operational being subjected to Apple’s diagnostic software.

iFixit swaps out parts on 2018 MacBook Pro
iFixit, hence not an Apple Authorized Service Provider, at this time, appears independent repair shops remains to repair iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro without any issue. Thus Apple’s document suggestive of possible requirement kicking at a later date is unclear.

So what makes Apple do this? A simple mechanism using their authorized network is to check the quality or replacement rates. Thus, to note a fact is a possibility to operate normally with swapped parts. This reported a failure in Apple diagnostic tests with ‘unauthorized‘ components installed—as units did on AST of the earlier versions. This is for third-party HDD/SSD, RAM and batteries.

Any request of Apple did not respond for comment ever since.