IM+ Now Even Better

Wow! With its 3.3 update, IM+ has really become the only instant messaging app you need on your phone.  It has every service you could want, including Facebook, Twitter, gChat, and AIM.  And every one of them is supported by IM+’s new push functionality, which is out of this world.

Get your friends Twitter updates pushed to you without needing to pay for all the SMS spam.  And IM+ lets you stay online for up to 3 days without having to log into the app, unlike AIM’s measly 24 hours.  The rotating keyboard supports landscape, portrait, and the often-neglected upside-down portrait mode.  The interface is clean and functional, managing to pack a lot into the screen without feeling jumbled or cobbled together.  And the ability to mark all your messages read with a single button (or to clear all current messages at once) is a great boon for those of us who are neurotic about keeping icon badges to a minimum.  My only reservation is that I would love to have been able to choose the new message sound – but this is such a minor issue, its hardly worth mentioning at all.

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