In case you missed it

The iPhone combined with an App called ‘Krapps’ is an amazing resource for all kind of scrap information. The scrap value in this case is really high for the app and we get to know about a lot of bugs and wasted bucks too in the App Store. It’s a gold rush but at the same time there are thousands of Apps which fail to flourish. I am glad that we have something called Krapps to highlight failures and trash materials too. The App store is filled with apps relating to any area under the sun. I was searching for business apps and guess what I stumbled upon an App called ‘Momentum 360’ which is a mathematics based app showing momentums of vehicles and whether they would collide or not, in simple words an App for ‘accident analysis’. With the presence of beautiful sensible Apps We do have a large number of Apps which are stupid, wacky, strange and so much weird. Thanks Krapps for the valuable content.

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