In case you missed this London iStore tour..(Video)

London set to start the 300th retail iStore in the Covent Garden from today which is apparently “The world’s largest Apple Store” The Apple iStore witnessed a long queue up on Friday outside this biggest iStore, which will have the highest volume of iPhones in any other shop worldwide.

Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice-president for retail said it would have more space for children, training, small business services and kit in stock than any of its other stores.

He further added that this iStores has the biggest staffs of 300 members. He was state saying that the entire Fifth Avenue Store in the New York City would come up under the roof of it three- storey central courtyard. The Regent Street store has served central London until now. Apart from these big stores, Westfield and Brent Cross has outlets which remain chaotic and crowded with customers.

And if you have a doubt or a problem and then is it! The family-size 🙂 Genius will help you in a jiffy.

And if you thought there was a crunch of iPads then just tip-toe to the ‘Gallery’, all questions answered!

The pictures are here.

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