Incredible Magazines + amazing iPad, will it work?

Many popular print magazine titles are already available at the iTunes store, with more expected in 2011. So how are sales going for the early adaptors?

AdAge magazine tracked some of the titles already on iTunes and found, not surprisingly, that tech titles were among the first to develop iPad apps, and are among the most successful.

Popular Science’s iPad sales from April through July were 12% of print sales on the newsstand, while wired magazine for the iPad sold an even more impressive 37% of newsstand sales for its July-September issues. Well, this is not a surprise since the typical reader of tech/science titles is likely to be an early adaptor of new gadgets like the iPad.

For now is difficult to figure out exactly how beneficial an iPad app will be to print titles until the details can be worked out allowing publishers to offer magazine subscriptions at the iTunes store.


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