Indian Politicians Want iPad 3

iPad 3

India maybe an outsourcing hub for a Western world due to English skills, business acumen, cheap labor and technological expertise but this does not create the possibility for Indian politicians to time-travel and see the future.

Recently, the State Government of Karnataka (a South Indian state that has Bangalore as its Capital) spent Rs. 35.17 Hundred-Thousand (US $ 72257.341) to buy 75 Units of iPad 2 for 75 Members Of Legislative Council (MLCs). Currently, the price of one iPad 2 in Indian currency is Rs. 46,900 (US $ 923.41).

Seeing this, the Members Of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are demanding iPad 3. Many are already requesting State Government to buy iPad 3 as “it would be more advanced iPad”.

Apple is yet to launch iPad 3. Apple has not announced what would be the official name of iPad 3.

KL Santosh of Channel 9, an authorized Apple retailer, said, “There has been talk of iPad3 for 6-8 months. People know that after iPad2, it has to be iPad3; but this has not been officially announced on the Apple website. It has not been released. When it is, it will be released in the US first, and 60 days later in India.”

Times Of India (TOI), one of the leading English dailies in India, pointed out to secretariat officials that iPad3 has not yet been launched yet. The response came from secretariat was that the demand was made by a couple of Congress MLAs, and they were forced to incorporate it in a circular. These MLAs belonged to Indian National Congress, the party that currently leads the coalition government at the Center (in the national capital New Delhi).

In a comedy of errors, the secretariat circular says iPod 3 will be given to MLAs. Apple never launched anything called iPod 3. MLAs N Sampangi and S R Vishwanath say iPads would make their work easier and faster. Sources say the secretariat plans to make some areas of the assembly lounge WiFi-enabled.

Buying iPads for the 225 MLAs will cost more than Rs 1.05 crore (Approximately US $ 20,644,954.68).

Even a genius has his limitations but some people have no bounds. Next time, MLAs might demand an iPhone 6.

The demand for iPad coming from Indian politicians seems bizarre as India is the home of Aakash, world’ s cheapest tablet that costs just US $ 23.

At the time of this news report being written, the value of one US dollar in Indian currency is Rs. 51.40.

Source: The Times Of India

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