Be Innovative With Your Cooking Through Manal AlAlem Kitchen [REVIEW]

Manal AlAlem Kitchen

Al Habibi Readers! I greeted in Arabic today because today I am going to introduce you to the English version of a very nice cooking app.

If you cannot speak, read or understand Arabic, no problem. The English version of Manal AlAlem Kitchen will teach you recipes of unique soups, appetizers, dishes and desserts.

You heard it right! The app comes with the knowledge, info and procedures of famous chef Manal Al Alem and you can learn to cook various new dishes. Manal Al Alem has her cooking show on TV. She is the author of cook book Manal AlAlem Kitchen. She is also a food stylist and owner of food lines center.

Manal AlAlem Kitchen

Through this app, you will have access to Manal Al Alem’s recipes in English for the first time. And these recipes have been written in English language. You can also search for a particular recipe and save your favorite recipes as well to refer in future.

Are you doing business with someone living in Middle East? Invite your client for dinner and cook some dish using this app. Say “Khushamadeed” (welcome) to your client with a great recipe from Middle East. Food that he/she could expect only in the Arab or Persian world would certainly impress him/her.

In Manal AlAlem Kitchen, you will find recipes for soups like garlic soup and lemon lentil soup, salads like pasta salad and watercress salad, appetizers like chicken wings and Koshary, side dishes like spinach carrot rice and minced meat rice, main dishes like chicken rice with peas and mushrooms, desserts like cinnamon fingers and oreo basboosa and many more.

Manal AlAlem Kitchen

If you are having a party in your house, you can read and choose from a huge variety of recipes in all categories and your guests will enjoy anything you cook, provided, you have cooked it properly the way it has been explained in the app.

Manal AlAlem Kitchen is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

This review has been written after the app being obtained from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

So explore, try and enjoy a new and huge variety of food items. Cook unique dishes and see your client or guest going “walleh walleh” over your cooking skills.

Click here to buy and download Manal AlAlem Kitchen.

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