Innovator’s Dilemma Suits Samsung or Even Better, a Desperate Copier

We don’t know if Apple will dance on the streets or not but convincingly Samsung would have sung a great deal after losing the patent infringement litigation. Reading through the complete courtroom argument between the parties, which is actually comic in way, we thought of mentioning a few for our readers. Indeed, Apple was remarked as carrying an “Innovator’s dilemma” by John Quinn, lawyer of Samsung Electronic Co.

He said,

Unsure of how to proceed after the blockbuster launches of the iPhone and iPad, the Cupertino-based company went on a litigation spree.

To which, Apple Inc. lawyer, Harold McElhinny retorts,

Litigation is Apple’s only option to stop Samsung’s rampant infringement.

Before jurors began deliberations, both the parties gave sharply different send-offs. Mc Elhinny outlined Apple’s story of innovation in a steady, cinematic fashion which was followed with a haphazard presentation by Samsung.

Quinn also gave a speedy speech in which he tried to explain Apple’s damages request and jeered at the patented features. Its been said that he was so fast-paced that he paused only once gasping for air.

By the end, almost panting Quinn commented that

Samsung was just as resolute, If there’s one thing you know about Samsung, they’re not just simply going to cave and capitulate.

The decision point has gone up to the jury which is an eight-member Silicion Valley jury. The damages are as much as to $2.2 billion according to the lawsuit filed by Apple. Deliberations will continue each weekday until a verdict is reached.

Coming up with great products is a test, ironically its difficult for Samsung to pass the test.

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