Investment On 26,000 iPads For San Diego School District

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The iPad revolution in academia is here. In past, we pointed out how and why the launch of iPad-Mini would be a success with students and teachers.

A study shows that iPad is being preferred over other tablets by students in schools all over USA. A different study showed that 34% percent of high-school students owned tablets and out of these students, 70% students owned iPad.

However, in San Diego, California, the reality of iPad being used in academics is apparent. The San Diego Unified School District is giving their students a huge learning opportunity with a robust iPad-based program that has gotten the green light for deployment. This program is nice as it would also make students tech savvy by familiarizing them with the technology and features of iPad.

The school district has purchased 26,000 iPads, each of which will be distributed to students in the classroom beginning at the end of this summer as the new school year begins. San Diego may not be the first place where this sort of thing has been done but it has never been done bigger anywhere else.

The district is paying for the iPads through Proposition S funding. The measure, passed in 2008 by 69 percent of the vote, specifically sets aside money for “up-to-date classroom technology.” At $370, each iPad 2 costs the district about $30 less than the widespread retail price.

A local news outlet in San Diego reported that iPads will be assigned to classrooms for 5th-graders, 8th-graders and some high-schoolers.

Amanda Ferguson, a developer of educational iBooks at Pearson Education said:

“The more engaging the content is, the more the students want to be in there; They want to be reading, they want to be learning.”

Do you live in San Diego? Is your child studying in any of the schools that come under San Diego School District? How do you feel about your child using an iPad to study?

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