iOS 12.1 Beta includes fix for iOS 12, iPhone, and iPad charging issue

The second-beta of iOS 12.1 released this morning includes a fix for a charging issue. This not only affects the iPhone XS, but also XS Max, and other iOS devices.

Following the launch, there are two new iPhones over the weekend comes to note. Hence with this, there are some iPhone and iPad devices refused of getting charged.  With a lightened connection, one must note of getting charged over the issue with no activation. This is due to the screen not getting activated.

According to iMore’s Rene Ritchie, there is a beta fixes of new iOS 12.1 being the issue. Hence, iOS users no longer need to double-check making sure of their devices getting plugged in.

Today’s iOS 12.1 beta includes a fix where some people have charging issue experiences with iPhone and iPad. With it no more delay or uncertainty about charging, one can plug it in and get power.

The bug hence not only affects all iPhones and iPad but impacts their devices failing to charge over the lightning plugged in during the iPhone asleep.

Tapping the iPhone for waking up during this situation resumes charging where iPhone is affected and plugged in. With the screen getting deactivated and refuses to charge not only results in uncertainty but also whether or not the device is actually getting charged in or not.

With this issue originally come to light is due to the complaints from iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners, which appears widespread and affected many devices running iOS 12.