iOS-12 – Do Not Disturb modes how to use based on time, location, or action

There is an iPhone or iPad which makes it easy for avoiding disruptions taking an advantage of iOS-12 with all new intelligent “Do Not Disturb” modes based on time, location, or action.

With distractions reduced, Apple with iOS-12 gave users in making additional modes for “Do Not Disturb” feature. As with one knowing about Do Not Disturb feature, will let you easily silence all calls, alerts, and notifications.

Hence to make a schedule of Do Not Disturb thus allows calls from certain people. There was a  release in September 2018 of the iOS-12 update bringing additional Do Not Disturb modes of iPhone and iPad owners ending automatically with a specified time, location, or action.

How to use iOS-12’s new Do Not Disturb modes?

With iOS-12 or newer, it is found that one cannot set Do Not Disturb hence for a meeting at locations with automatically being turned off as soon as the event ends while leaving at your place.

1. Open Control Center.

iPhone X or iPad: From a top-right corner of the display, swipe down.
Other devices: From the bottom, swipe down.

2. Hard press with a long tap with moon-like Do Not Disturb icon in Control Center.

3. From the popup menu, adjust the new Do Not Disturb mode.
For 1 hour: It is hence been found that Do Not Disturb ends automatically in-            one hour.
• This evening/afternoon/morning: Needs no explanation.
• I leave this location: When you leave a location, Do Not Disturb ends.
• The end of this event: On your calendar, it suggests you with ending a                         meeting

Tip: Schedule button takes you instantly to Settings >> Do Not Disturb.

Hence with the iOS-12 roundup which was mentioned, where the software gets updated; brings a critical alert feature, opting an in-alert for important information with the one being reported by a healthcare provider.

With Do Not Disturb being such critical, the frequently-used feature does not need to be enabled manually. There are two ways to turn Do Not Disturb on or off.

Thus to make sure is what the Control Center toggles with a venture with Settings>>Do Not Disturb which manually features, setting a schedule and adjust other settings with iPhone getting locked at all times including whether choosing Do Not Disturb by muting calls and notifications.

Additional Do Not Disturb modes
One can have a toggle on for Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Bedtime upon scheduling a Do Not Disturb session with a new option in iOS-12 dimming your display with silent overnight notifications till you unlock iPhone in the morning.

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime
With the availability of settings being featured on by toggling Settings >>Do Not Disturb >> Bedtime one can schedule Do Not Disturb with a super handy option with iOS-12 dimming your display and silence overnight notifications unlocking an iPhone in the morning.

As a matter of fact to note is that Do Not Disturb During Bedtime is a past thing right now which is the one who can hide notifications on the Lock screen at bedtime by swiping up on the Lock screen.

Do Not Disturb While Driving
With iOS-12 in September 2017, is tremendously useful with Do Not Disturb while driving mode in Settings >> Do Not Disturb. One can set this mode to kick in automatically while connected to a vehicle with Bluetooth from Control Center.  Hence by setting driving limit alerts and distractions, with iOS featuring current driving status. Thus with the incoming calls setting allowed in the mode as long as your iPhone is connected to Bluetooth, CarPlay, or other hands-free accessory.

Thus with the driving mode being enabled and messaging app auto-respond with currently driving back to them soon. Hence we customize the canned responses Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Auto-Reply.

With limiting these automatic replies, hence can trip to Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Auto-Reply To choosing one to provide options: No One, Recent, Favorites or All Contacts.

Do Not Disturb and alarms
It is to make a sleep schedule created via bedtime which features the Clock app. Thus the alarm goes off if the iPhone is set to silent or turn on Do Not Disturb.

The sources are taken from 9to5mac which concludes the feature set up of How To being featured within iOS-12.