iOS 12 installs 50% active devices outpaces iOS 11 adoption

There is a launch of Apple on iOS 12 earlier this month. Thus, the early adoption appears sluggish. The following week of iOS 12, it is noted where adoption of outpaced iOS11,  according to the data from Mixpanel. Since iOS12, installed more than 50% active iPhones, iPads, and iPod, hence took iOS 11, a month.  Thus it reaches the milestone of iOS 12 in 20 days.

Many perceived iOS 11, a bad year for OS updates, with complaints of instability in various ways where there are bugginess and sluggishness. Apple narrates head-on with iOS 12 compatibility. The company advertises iOS 12, a performance upgrade and notable speedups on older iPhone and iPad models.

iOS 12 supports all devices, runs iOS 11 where iOS 12 user base stretches to iPhone 5S. Despite the slowness of start, iOS 12 adopts surge in the last few days, doubled in just seven days. The positive reception from the community surely helped in accelerating adoption.

Mixpanel statistics — on a combination of web and mobile app analytics reports typically higher percentages of Apple statistics derives active iOS versions, upon App Store usage.

However, Apple yet to update an official stats includes a timeframe after iOS 12, released. Last year, Apple released official numbers not crossing 50% mark for iOS 11 until November.

iOS 12 uptake, continues strong foreseeable future. iOS 12.1 includes new features such as group FaceTime with more than 70 new emoji, incentivizing people on upgrade. Apple with a bevvy of new hardware is ready with pre-installation of iOS 12, where a new iPad Pro lineup and the iPhone XR launches on October 26.