iOS 5 Apps “Cleaning” Themselves?

iOS 5 app cleaning

You may often see some dust on your devices like iPhone or iPads and clean them by wiping them with a piece of cloth.

However, what would you like to say when you see some apps cleaning themselves.

Apps are softwares. They are computer programs. They do not have bodies. How can they “clean” themselves and what do they do to clean themselves?

Bizarre it may look but many iPhone and iPad users are noticing the apps in their iDevices “cleaning” themselves. Facebook app, Instapaper app and Twitter app are only few to mention.

TIPB were the first to find out the reason. The cleaning is about iOS 5 deleting cache and temporary files to make the backup as small as possible. Such backup would be perfect for shooting up to the iCloud or to your Mac through iTunes Wi-Fi sync.

Thus, from now on, if you see “Cleaning” appearing under the icon of your Facebook app, you do not need to panic.

Source: TIPB

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