iOS 6 Beta 3 Brings AirPlay Speaker Out Feature To Apple TV

Apple TV speakers

The latest Beta Version of iOS 6 Beta 3 makes the Apple TV set-top box more than just a media receiver. The new version of iOS allows users to actively stream audio to external AirPlay-enabled speakers.

This functionality was originally highlighted by FlatPanelsHD and it is one that has been welcomed by many.

Apple TV users running the latest software will detect AirPlay-enabled speakers on a user’s home network. This will make them available to select for sound output. The feature is said to be fully operational and users will be able send audio from any content, including video, to wireless AirPlay-capable speakers. This is different from the current Apple TV which only has the ability to receive AirPlay content. The existing AirPlay settings on the Apple TV allow users only to to turn the feature on or off, and set a password.

This new software update will enable Apple TV to be a more independent device and not as reliant on external devices. Now users will be able to access their iCloud-stored music library on an Apple TV. It would be possible to use the set-top box to stream the music elsewhere, like to speakers connected to an Apple AirPort Express.

It should be noted that users of the latest beta of iOS 6 for the Apple TV indicated that Dolby Digital must be disabled. This is because AirPlay does not support 5.1 surround sound. If you chose this option, you will quickly realize that the volume will be very low.

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