iOS Has 65% Of Mobile Web Marketshare

Total iOS Share

NetMarketShare has released its latest report on Internet usage by mobile devices. As many expect, not only has iOS remained on top for Internet usage, but Apple’s Operating System (OS) has grown its lead up to 65% of total mobile Internet traffic.

Last month, usage on iOS went up by 3%. The year-over-year figures line up to almost 15% growth.

This shows that not only is Apple selling more and more iOS devices (including those new Retina iPads, which certainly are being used for this new Internet browsing), but all the users are depending on them more and more for connecting to and interacting with the Internet.

Another noteworthy thing is that iOS users are generally heavy Internet users as well. Even though there are more Android phones out there, iOS users are still using internet more than android and the number is growing.

Source: TUAW

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