iOS Apps Run On Full Screen On Hacked Apple TV

Apple TV Hacked Running apps

We reported yesterday that iOS developers Steven Troughton-Smith and TheMudKip were working to hack the 2nd generation Apple TV to run iOS apps at full resolution.

They have managed to achieve their goal. The feat was accomplished by using a custom Springboard (Home Screen) that was written by TheMudKip on a jailbroken Apple TV. Since then, Troughton-Smith has been making progress by running iPhone and iPad apps at full resolution.

So far, many existing apps seem to run well on the Apple TV, which is known to be an iOS device that uses an A4 processor. When this generation of the Apple TV was released, many speculated that Apple may have had plans to incorporate native applications all along. Once Steve Jobs had also said that an Apple TV App Store could launch when the time is right.

The following video shows the Apple TV in action, running apps under the custom springboard:

The hack is not available publicly at the moment. It remains more of a proof of developers’ concept at this time.

We want to remind our readers that the original iPhone jailbreaks enabled native iOS apps well ahead of Apple’s official App Store launch. Lights Off was the first native iOS game that was released for jailbroken iPhones in August 2007. The official App Store would not launch for another 10 months.

Source: Mac Rumors

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