iOS at top spot, Android at 2nd by Millenial network

According to Millennial Media’s July Mobile Mix report shows that while iOS is still at foremost in 1st spot but Android is climbing up at an alarming rate. Millenial’s stats are additionally one of the few ways to see what’s trending outside the increasingly closed worlds of Google- and Apple-assimilated and controlled ad networks. Here’s the breakdown:

Is known that iOS was the podium utilized 100% of the instance by multi-platform developers on Millenial’s network. Android was second with 75% and RIM in the third position with nearly half developing for their platform.

iOS still remained the leading OS on Millenial’s network in July with a 55% share of impressions. Apple ad requests has jump up to 24% month-over-month from earlier 15% since January.

iPad growing popularity has led the sales of device very rapidly with over 327% surge in the ad request over the month.

Android is racing behind iOS in the second spot. Android OS grew another 47% month-over-month and since January, Android has grown 690%. Android additionally officially became the number two OS on the Millenial network (surpassing RIM). In the best interest of Apple, they need to launch product without delay if they want to stay at the Top spot.

Is quite alarming to see Android with 690% growth since January and that’s make a huge percentage. We Apple fans strongly believe that Apple will stay at the Top but still precaution is needed.

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