iPad 2 crucial for tablet lead: Analyst

Today Apple announcement is widely expected to include an updated version of the Cupertino, company’s wildly-popular iPad tablet which will be “crucial” for the tech giant to maintain its lead against rival products. one analyst said

According to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian told investors in a note, “We believe Apple must make a convincing case for why the iPad 2 is better than the plethora of competitors coming to market, while at the same time persuading iPad 1 buyers to upgrade to iPad 2,”

White even stretch that iPad will contribute nearly one-third of Apple’s $36.8 billion in incremental revenue that we are modeling for fiscal 2011. If you remove the iPad revenue, Apple’s fiscal 2011 revenue would grow 41 percent compared to 56 percent, the analyst adds.

[Via appleinsider]