iPad 2 perform better in browsing than Xoom and Galaxy Tab

A test was carried out between browsers in iPad 2, Motorola’s Xoom, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab by a web development tools called as Sencha.

According to Sencha:

“our experience to date with Android has been lackluster, starting with the disappointing browser in the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom [running Android 3.0 Honeycomb].”

Sencha noted:
“…nearly all the major browser features are supported on the iPad 2. Modernizr found support for SVG, CSS 2D transforms, CSS 3D transforms, CSS transitions, WebGL and Web Sockets. Interestingly enough, Modernizer reported that there was no Inline SVG although we were able to try a few demo sites and saw that it did in fact work, and it also reported that the browser supports WebGL, which we couldn’t get to work. As we found in our earlier scorecards, just because a browser says something is there, it doesn’t mean it works. All the other HTML5 features except the ones mentioned worked beautifully.”


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