Retailers Experiencing iPad 2 Supply Constraints

iPad 3

Even as Apple seem to be refraining from announcing when will the third generation iPad would be released and what would be its official name, evidence supporting the imminent announcement and release of iPad 3 continues to mount with many retailers reporting iPad 2 supply constraints.

According to online reports, a source “familiar with Apple’s product distribution channels” has claimed that supply shortages for Apple’s iPad 2 extend beyond Apple’s own distribution channels. United Kingdom retailer Carphone Warehouse reported shortages for five of their six 3G iPad 2 models (all except the 3G 64GB iPad 2). Orange reported shortages on half of their 3G iPad 2 models as well according to the source.

Online reports claimed that shortage of Wi-Fi iPad 2 proved that Apple has plans to keep the Wi-Fi models as the lower-end iPad option while introducing a new Retina Display, and A6 powered iPad 3 model. If 3G iPad 2 gets dropped, Apple would be able to streamline their production process and eliminate the need to produce both CDMA and GSM versions of the iPad 2.

There are speculations that in iPad 3 Apple, could use the dual-baseband Qualcomm chips utilized in the iPhone 4S to service both CDMA and GSM networks with one model.

Another possibility that is not being ruled out is that Apple may include LTE support in the next iPad. Whatever Apple has, the buzz surrounding the iPad 3 is beginning to peak. We all wonder when would we hear an announcement.

Source: Modmyi

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