iPad 3 Rumored To Have 8 MegaPixel Camera

iPad Camera

With the rumored date for the announcement of iPad 3 release coming closer, the rumors about iPad 3 are also getting intensified.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire of iPad 3, NextMedia has claimed to have gotten actual pictures of Apple’s next-generation tablet that include pictures of iPad 3 with with specs indicating that the rear camera will be 8 megapixel. Physically, the casing looks very much like the iPad 2. However, it has shaper and more tapered edges.

NewsMedia also say that the launch date of iPad 3 would be announced on 7 March 2012. It would have Retina display and quad-core Apple A6 processor, this fact conflicting with A5X Processor. They did not mention anything about 4G LTE, though the Wall Street Journal has previously confirmed that.

Many people might be surprised to see the big leap from 1 megapixel camera in the iPad 2 to 8 megapixels in the iPad 3.

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