iPad 3 Announcement Coming Next Week?

iPad 3

People all over the world are waiting for the next iPad. Rumors about iPad 3 keep flying every now and then.

Apple has not yet announced the official name of the iPad that is expected to come after iPad 2. After iPhone 4, people expected iPhone 5 but what came in October 2011 was iPhone 4S. Even then, people believe that iPad coming after iPad 2 would be iPad 3.

With an official name yet to be announced, iPad 3 is in news again because this time the rumor says that the release date of iPad 3 would be announced.

Japanese news website Macotakara is claiming that Apple will hold an iPad 3 launch event in early February. The report cited sources in the US as well as within the Asian supply chain, and noted that a release will likely take place in early March.

This rumor strengthens March 2012 Release rumor for iPad 3. iPad 3 is likely to get a Retina display. That is why designers and developers will need to produce 2x graphics and the more time they have, the better, especially for gaming companies.

Source: iMore

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