More iPad 3 Details Revealed


Even after rumors of the January 2012 release of iPad 3 have been quashed, the talks about iPad 3 would not stop. People are eager to see what iPad 3 would be like and how it would be different from previous iPads.

Apple has not even revealed an official name for iPad 3 and it is only the fans who call it iPad 3. The latest buzz about iPad 3 is that it is going to have a camera.

Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge has said on Twitter that the iPad 2 will continue to live on after the iPad 3 gets launched.

Horowitz said that the iPad 3 will be 1mm thicker than iPad 2 to incorporate an iPhone 4S like 8 megapixel camera and lens system.

According to Horowitz’s claims, the iPad 3 would not be redesigned. Instead, it will have a few tweaks such as being slightly thicker to accommodate the better camera. The edges of iPad 2 will be tapered just like the iPad 2.

Apart from having an 8 megapixel camera on the back, it will have a HD camera on the front that would allow for better quality when making video calls on FaceTime.

Source: Gadget Venue

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