Apple’s Next Gen iPad 3 Receives An Early Hands-On Review

iPad 3

Talk about iPad 3 and here comes one more speculation. Apart from rumors, speculations also never stop.

Last year, the announcement of iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5 made many consumers upset who thought that iPhone 4S would be same as iPhone 4.

It seems that this trend is here for an encore with iPad 3 looking same as to iPad 2, if the claims by iLounge Magazine are to be believed.

Jeremy Horwitz, the Editor-In-Chief of iLounge said that iPad 3 would be same as iPad 2. He said that the body of iPad 3 would be 1 mm thicker than iPad 2’s body and the rear camera in the new iPad would larger. It would resemble the LED Flash led improved camera in iPhone 4S.

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Source: BGR

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