iPad 3 Launch Event Starts (First Hour)

OK! Finally the media event that is going to launch iPad 3 has started at 10:00 AM (local time) at San Francisco California.

Now we start with a timeline covering the important events of iPad 3 Launch.

9:47 AM – People are here waiting for the event to start.

10: 13 AM – People are inside the venue taking seats.

10: 20 AM – A promo of Apple is played.

Tim Cook

10: 29 AM – Apple CEO Tim Cook comes to the stage and greet the audience eager to see iPad 3.

10: 31 AM – Tim Cook talks about Apple’s revenue, 76% comes from Apple’s PC devices.

10:36 AM – Talking about the future of technology and Apple, Tim Cook calls Siri, one of his favorite iOS features.

10:37 AM – Tim Cook announces that today, Siri is coming to Japan. He says, “Siri in Japanese is a part of iOS 5.1. It’s available today. And we’re rolling it out in Japan over the next few weeks.”

Apple TV

10:42 AM – New Apple TV announced. It will be 1080p. New interface of Apple TV looks more like iOS.

10:43 AM – Tim Cook says, “Just like we’ve done for music and TV shows, you now have access to movies you’ve already purchased in iCloud.” A promo showcasing the features of new Apple TV starts playing.

Apple TV Price

10:45 AM – Tim Cook is back on stage. He says, “The new Apple TV retains the same low price of $99. You can get your orders in today, and I encourage you to do that.”

Apple TV

PC Graph

10:46 AM – Tim Cook says that 15.4 Million Apple TVs were sold in the last quarter. The graph of Personal Computers shipped in the last quarters appears on screen. Tim Cook mentions that the last quarter witnessed sales of more iPads than Personal computers.

Tim Cook

10:49 AM – Tim Cook says, “Now part of the reason is the incredible bundled apps with iPad, and the over 200k apps that have been custom built for the big screen. These apps are gorgeous and groundbreaking. They help you create and learn, or do almost anything.”

10:56 AM – Tim Cook says, “When you hold this at a normal distance, your retina in your eye cannot discern individual pixels.”

A5X Chip

10:57 AM – Tim Cook announces A5X Chip. He says, “The Apple A5 was already twice as fast. This is a graphics powerhouse.”

Retina Display

iSight Camera

iSight Features

10:58 AM – Tim Cook announces Retina Display. He says, “So the new iPad has a Retina Display. 2048 x 1536. The best mobile display that has ever shipped. That’s the first feature.” Cook also announces new camera.

We will be back after a short break.

Image Courtesy: The Verge

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