iPad blamed for slow laptop sales has found support

Recently iPad was blamed for the the plunging sales of netbooks and notebooks, but here one analyst disagrees and puts the blame elsewhere. Not long ago, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn claimed that the iPad had cut into sales of PCs as much as 50% and after wards stated his remarks were “grossly exaggerated.”

All industry people were not after iPad, and also there is no different with industry analyst and NPD Group VP Stephen Baker which present a different point of view. In a blog post today, Baker agreed that laptop sales “have been much weaker than in the past few months,” but says blaming that on the iPad “represents the height of hysteria and speculation.”

Baker thinks the issue is “as much to do with the ebbing of the Windows 7 tidal wave and consumer reaction to the lack of price deals in the market this year as it has to do with iPads or back-to-school.” While admitting PC sales have slowed in 2010, Baker pointed out, “No one expected netbook sales to stay at the atmospheric levels of 2009 and in fact netbooks, as a percentage of U.S. consumer sales, have been very steady all year in the mid-teens. Netbooks sales are actually up for July and August 2010 versus the prior year period by 6 percent.”

There is one analyst who thinks that iPad is not totally an netbook/notebook killer. Well thanks for that, hope you also agree with him.


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