iPad brings sign language book to the deaf.

Children love colors and cartoons as we did in our childhood. Going through Apple store I found out an iPad version of the well-received children’s book published by iStoryTime.
“Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy,” a sign language book with color screen with multiple applications that really define how a book should be to me personally.

When I opened it was just lovely because children can read themselves, or it be would be read to them and one signed by a woman who stands off to the side of the screen, with the reduced-size book running next to her.

To me this app is a first concept of what can be done with electronic books.
According to me I loved the book so colorful and the iPad’s luminous LCD screen really helps the lovely illustrations shine. Children would enjoy watching and playing it.

Parents can try for their child, even I tried, it’s not about only children, anybody who like animations, colors and cartoons will surely find pleasure.

What! Did you say that you wanna try? Go ahead!

Thanks, www.macdailynews.com

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