Next Generation iPad Cases Are Thicker


Usually when we see the cases being made for iPads that would be released in near future, we realize what would be size, shape and thickness of the coming iPad.

Apple has not announced how the iPad would look, when it would be released what would be its official name and how thick it will be.

The Apple fanboys have named the successor to iPad 2 as iPad 3. Earlier there were rumors that iPad 3 would be thicker than its predecessors because it would have a camera similar to the camera that is seen in iPhone 4S. Later there were rumors that iPad 3 will be thinner than previous two iPads.

Now once again, there are rumors that make iPad 3 thicker. The source of rumors are the next generation iPad cases that are being made. Chinee is making these cases and they are thicker than the cases for iPad 2 and iPad. Apple is expected to release iPad 3 in March 2012 (for which, Apple has not issued any statement so far) and the features apart from camera are expected to include 4G LTE Radio, a quad Processor and a 2048 x 1536-pixel HD Display. It is being widely believed that the battery life of iPad 3 would be more than iPad 2.

The case-makers said that confirmation about the size and design of iPad 3 came from the supply branch of Apple which proves that the production of iPad 3 has certainly started.

Source: BGR

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