iPad Helps Catching The Thief Who Stole Christmas Gifts

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This could have become a sad story. However, It was Christmas, a time to be happy. That is why, God ensured that this story had a happy ending.

It was a mystery of a theft and it was solved by the team-work of local police and an iPad. Are you wondering how an iPad can catch a thief?

Here is how it happened. According to reports in LA Weekly, a resident in Westlake Village, southern California heard some noise in his home at 3:30 AM on Christmas Eve. However, it was not Santa Claus entering his house but a burglar breaking in.

The burglar stole the Christmas gifts, including an iPad which had already been activated. The resident chased the thief, later identified as Patrick Krewson, out of the house. However, he lost him in the neighborhood. However a few hours later, he was able to locate his iPad just a few houses away – presumably via Find My iPad. He notified police.

When police arrived, they found the homeowner’s stolen iPad and other items. Police also found out that Krewson was responsible for another holiday theft incident a few days earlier in his own hometown of Vista, CA. San Diego County Police search Krewson’s home and turned up the items reported stolen: two flatscreen TVs, a laptop, and about forty gifts intended for children.

The second happy family was notified that their gifts had been found and Krewson was held on $50,000 bail.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff Department report:

When Malibu/Lost Hills deputies notified the Vista victim that her Christmas presents had been located in time to give them to the children for Christmas, she began to cry. One of the cooperating parties involved in the investigation said to Malibu/Lost Hills Deputy Frank Brower upon hearing about the recovered gifts, “Deputy Brower, you saved Christmas!”

Now the two families can jingle all the way to joys till next Christmas.

Source: Cult Of Mac

Image Courtesy: LA County Sheriff Department

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