iPad distributed to Sumo wrestlers.

It’s interesting! Now, iPad will be seen in wrestling arena nearby. Imagine wrestlers wrestling with the iPads. Imagination apart, it has been declared by the Japan Sumo Association they are going to distribute iPads to 51 sumo training “stables” in Japan.

The decision to introduce the iPad was sighted as many stable masters do not use computers, relying instead on fax or telephone to communicate. Wrestlers themselves often have trouble typing messages on keypads with their larger hands and fingers and end up pressing two or three keys at once on the PC and the phone.

If I am not wrong the association plans to spend about 3 million yen (over $35,000) on the iPads.

Finally, the association concluded to Financial Times that they hope that sumo wrestlers, who have generally been slow to adopt modern communications technology, will take to the iPad’s intuitive interface and larger touch-screen and eventually learn the generation next technology.

It’s nice to see that people want to adapt to new technology whatsoever may be the reason behind it. It’s good news for Steve’s company that such moves will give a push to manufacturing of those products.

Thanks, AppleInsider.com

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