Launching “iPad Mini” Could Boost iPad Sales Further

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According to a new analysis, if Apple releases a smaller, compact and less expensive iPad (nick-named as iPad Mini by rumor-mongers) as this September, the new iteration of the iOS device could be a large success with schools who are under budget constraints.

It would also receive a good response from students who are looking for a lighter and more portable iPad.

In a recent note to investors, analyst Brian White said he continues to hear information about Apples plans to launch “iPad mini” this September. He mentioned a possible September released when he revealed that supply chain resources indicated Apple was gearing up for what could prove to be an “exciting” month. White believed that a smaller iPad would expand Apple’s addressable market opportunity.

With a smaller size, the new iPad Mini would be able to sport a smaller price tag and be able to attract a more price sensitive customers. It would also offer an alternate for those who just want a smaller tablet. In particular, White believes that schools under budget constraints cannot afford the current entry-level $399 iPad 2 might show interest in a smaller iPad and thus, they might show interest in iPad Mini. Students might prefer to carry around a smaller and lighter iPad for classes.

Data from ChangeWave Research shows that 14% of North American consumers looking to buy a tablet would be “somewhat likely” to purchase a smaller iPad, while 3% indicated that they were “very likely.” This showed that a so-called “iPad mini” from Apple would be the greatest challenger to Apple’s own market dominating full-sized iPad.

Rumors of a smaller iPad have been around for years despite the fact that late Steve jobs, once said that 7-inch devices were too small for users. He was the CEO of Apple at that time. According to Jobs, 7-inch tablets would need to ship sandpaper with the hardware so users could file down their fingers to the point where they could hit smaller targets on the screen.

Let us see if Apple makes any announcement regarding iPad Mini at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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