iPad Mini LCD Panel Certifications Passed For LG And AU Optronics?

iPad Mini

Here is, the latest contribution to iPad Mini rumors. The Taiwan-based publication Liberty Times recently shared interesting information about the rumored 7.85-inch “iPad Mini.”

The publication has reported that LG and AU Optronics were certified to supply the LCD panel for the iPad Mini. The latest report also claims that both manufacturers were working to ship the panels for production and for a release sometime during the latter half of 2012.

Rumors of a smaller sized iPad have been met with skepticism by many. One reason for this skepticism is some comments made by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on an earnings conference call in 2010. Jobs had said that the size of smaller form-factor tablets was not “sufficient to create great tablet apps.”

According to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, a 7.85-inch display with the 1,024×768 resolution would be “usable.” Gruber performed an informal test by taking screenshots of an iPad. He viewed them in landscape mode. According to him, “there are a couple of areas where he thinks the text is maybe a little too small, but it’s not ridiculously small.”

Rumors and speculation of the iPad Mini have been going strong over the last few months because Apple is said to take on Amazon and other competitors with a smaller 7.85-inch offering priced cheaper for customers looking to enter the tablet market. Many are skeptical of such a product due to arguments against it which came from the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. According to him, you would need super-small fingers to navigate smaller tablets.

Despite what everyone says, a 7.85-inch iPad does not seem to be coming this year, especially with news on part suppliers. We need to wait for Apple to announce what it is has in store for customers.

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