iPad Mini Rumored To Be Produced In Brazil

Foxconn Brazil

According to the Japanese Apple website, MacOtakara, the rumored 7-inch iPad tablet (nicknamed as iPad Mini) has completed its CNC machine testing in China.

The rumor says that iPad Mini will be assembled in Foxconn’s factory in Brazil. Quoting a “reliable source”, MacOtakara went on to further detail the manufacturing plan. They said that the production will start in September 2012.

Currently, Foxconn’s plant in Brazil is tasked with building iPhones and certain iPad models. So taking on the responsibility of building the “iPad Mini” should not be a hard task. As of right now, the consensus remains on the tablet’s 7.85 inch size being a part of the form factor.

The source mentioned that the new device will be more similar to the third-generation iPod Nano as opposed to a shrunken iPad. The prototype device is supposedly the same height as Google’s recently announced Nexus 7. However, it is a bit wider and has a thickness similar to that of the iPod Touch.

The “iPad Mini” is also rumored to have 3G wireless connectivity. The source claimed to have seen a list of carriers slated to receive the device. However, not every provider that currently sells the iPad will have access to the device at launch. Let us wait and watch how much truth is there in the rumors.

Source: Modmyi

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