iPad not hitting on Mac PC sales.

It’s all right here. The launch of iPad in April had not swollen the Mac PC sales. I was going through the reports and the outlets released by various companies and newspapers where I saw that the Apple officials are happily announcing that the iPad revolutionary had no bad effect on the Mac sales.

Apple recently announced that its share of the PC market hit 4.19% in the second quarter of 2010, up from 3.49% in the first quarter. Apple’s PC share gains came despite the April 3 launch of the iPad tablet computer, considering Apple’s robust PC market performance; it does not appear that many consumers are choosing iPads over Apple Macintosh notebook or desktop PCs.

Thus this can be commented as understanding among the family members, Apple Inc being the Parents.
Let’s see how Apple carries out strategies whether iPad will become a cannibalistic threat to the Mac in the long term. But right now its business with mutuality in Apple.

Happy days for Apple with new products coming in September and the market shares without being harmed.

Thanks, MacDailyNews.com

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