iPad Outsells Galaxy Tabs In South Korea

iPad Galaxy Tab

Samsung would never want to read this news report and probably Samsung executives are pulling their hairs out of frustration and anger as they have been defeated by Apple at their home turf.

Apple has been defeating Samsung in courts and Samsung has been venting frustration by making TV advertisements that show Samsung products better than Apple products.

However, now it seems that in real life, Apple products are indeed better than Samsung products. And Samsung home turf South Korea agrees with that.

According to online reports, Samsung is taking a beating from Apple in tablet sales in South Korea. Samsung is based in South Korea. The iPad is holding an estimated 70 to 80% of the South Korean tablet market, selling more tablets than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Percentages include both the original iPad as well as new iPad 2.

By the end of 2011, Apple moved 700,000 iPad devices in South Korea. Sales in the first two months of 2012 contributed several hundred thousand additional units sold for Apple. Sales surpassed the 1 million tablets sold mark. What is more interesting part of the story is that the 1 million sold number could be much smaller than the actual number of iPads in the country as every sale and purchase could not be documented or reported.

Before the sales of iPad officially started in South Korea, many Apple fanboys would have ordered the tablet through other means. The most popular version of the iPad in South Korea is the Wi-Fi only version.

Source: i4U

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