iPad owners prefer e-books to print.

You will find some amusing factor and Data about iPad owner and their though about e-books App. The survey will also include about how much the iPad owners are very much attached with their device. Let’s see some interesting revelation from the iPad owners:

According to Cooper Murphy Webb says more than two in five (41 percent) iPad owners use the device as their preferred way to read books. Survey was by taken by the copywriting firm which revealed just 36 percent of British with iPads prefer printed books. Is good to see people use iPad owner more on books

Cooper Murphy Webb also said more than two in five (43 percent) use their iPad for ten hours or more, although just 5 percent “always” leave home with the device and the majority of iPad owners use the device inside their house only. Only a quarter said their iPad was their primary entertainment device compared to a third who claimed their laptop was the device most used for entertainment.

Over half (55 percent) said they preferred to use a laptop compared to 38 percent that plump for the iPad. Well iPad is not far from laptop. iPad has done wonder after its first week of release and without any doubt is great to see iPad second in surfing the web. Nearly two in five (37 percent) use the iPad for gaming compared to 22 percent that use laptops and 6 percent that use mobile phones.

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