iPad Favorite For Polish Parliament Too


It seems that craze for iPad is spreading among politicians all over Europe, not just United Kingdom. Yesterday, we reported that British Parliament was planning to give iPad to all members to cut costs of computers and laptops given to them.

However, now the magic of iPad that fascinates and captivates the user has reached Poland also.

Polish parliamentary member, John Godson, uses an iPad to help him with his official duties as the deputy of Lodz.

In a recent interview with Krystian “MacKozer” Kozerawski, Mr. Godson said that he had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the iPad. He said that the iPad was his “primary tool” and he used it for correspondence, Skype, Pages, web browsing, reading and more.

Given the fact that many lawmakers are using iPad to improve their efficiency, would you like the lawmaker representing your constituency, county, district (whatever it is called in your country) using iPad? During next elections, are you going to give this suggestion to him? Post your comments.

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Source: TUAW

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