iPad Pro Face ID details, 4K HDR video over USB-C, AirPods-like Apple Pencil 2 pairs more


Apple widely expects the introduction of new 2018 iPad Pro models, new Macs, and more. Thus the confirmation, however, is evidenced of iOS 12.1 beta, where references made of an iPad 2018 fall device.

Today, with the development of new 2018 iPad Pro offers additional details of device, features, and more. The model codes for the Wi-Fi of the 2018 where iPad8,1, iPad8,2, iPad8,5 and iPad8,6.

Hence, the cellular-capable models iPad8,3, iPad8,4, iPad8,7 and iPad8,8. Thus, two Wi-Fi models sized both options, where two LTE models size both options.

The new iPad Pros with edge-to-edge displays do not feature a Home button, of the iPhone. Thus iPhone, however, with iPad Pro has a notch. The new 2018 iPad Pro sports thinner bezels with accommodation of the TrueDepth camera system necessary for Face ID.

The 2018 iPad Pro includes Face ID with the same image signal processor as the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Further, Face ID confirms the new iPad Pro works both portrait and landscape orientations, not worked upside down.

The setup of Face ID processes new iPad Pros. Hence the setup is with the introduction of iPhone X. Notably, a post-setup supports landscape Face ID, completed in portrait orientation.

It is not clear about the hardware specialization of the feature available to iPhones of a simple software update.

With USB-C port, the 2018 iPad Pro has an output of 4K HDR video external displays. Hence the feature accommodates with a new panel in the settings app to control resolution, HDR, brightness and other settings connected external displays.

A new version of the Apple Pencil released with 2018 iPad Pro. The new Apple Pencil paired with iPad Pro such as AirPods or HomePod. A switch of the devices is where the possibility connects Apple Pencil to the port. Thus the charges of the current model of Apple Pencil is with new iPad.

The new iPad Pro brands a new connector with accessories of the magnetic connector where the iPad allows the connection of different accessories with a new version of Smart Keyboard and other third-party accessories.


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