iPad revitalizations Apple to #3 Spot in Computer Sales

iPad may cut the sales of PCs, but on the other way round, it is boosting the demand for Mac computers. Apple’s now the #3 seller of computers and gaining on the competition.

Apple shares consist of small unit of the total market for computers. But thanks to the success and influence of its other products iPad, iPhone and iPod, that share is growing, to the point of overtaking some old rivals.
A survey released Wednesday by the Quarterly PC Tracker revealed that Apple shipped almost 2 million Macs in the US during the third quarter of 2010 for 10.6% of the total. Ranked at #1 and #2 were Hewlett-Packard and Dell with 24.3% and 23.1%. Neither company experienced major growth during the period, while Apple’s shipments increased by 24% from the same quarter on 2009

According to IDC analyst David Daoud, he thinks that the popularity of the device has enhanced sales of Apple’s Mac computers. “It is very possible that the iPad’s marketing right now is impacting [Apple’s Mac] business as a halo effect, just like we saw several years ago with the iPod. The momentum went on with the iPhone, now it appears the iPad is playing a similar role, stimulating sales across its product line.”

One thing is that, iPad may be slicing the sales of netbooks and notebooks, but it is also encouraging potential PC buyers to go for a Mac instead.


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