iPad, tablet demand outdoing netbooks and PC’s

The iPad is becoming more famous day by day, with people wanting to use it for different purposes because it’s handy, easy to use and also it’s got a great look.

The demand for tablets like the iPad has reached the point where it’s more popular than just about all other categories of device. Forrester discovered in a research conducted recently that 14 percent of shoppers online were planning to get an iPad or a similar tablet within a year where as just eight percent expected to get a netbook. The demand was higher than for desktop computers (four percent), e-readers like the Kindle (11 percent) and even notebooks (13 percent).

With just 1.9 percent of people owning an iPad or an equivalent as of now, the growth in the market for tablet devices is really big. Though there are many tablets in the market, the iPad seems to be the most likely choice for almost all.

Buyers were appropriately about three times more likely to have an iPhone or Mac, but about 73 percent of iPad users were still using Windows systems. Tablet users of all kinds were noticeably more likely to view media online, use social networks and store data online.

 The iPad is almost single-handedly establishing not just the category in sales but also in the public mind.

Via: electronista.com

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