iPad to go smaller for the next version?[Rumor]

The tech market is possessed with rumors as of we can see and hear now. A rumor is breezing that Apple is soon going to come up with a next-generation iPad.
The iPad which Apple launched few months back is heavily being compared to the Samsung’s Galaxy tab for the size and weight. Rumors has popped up that iPad is going to be smaller and thinner to about 7 inches with Face-Time in it, which the Galaxy doesn’t have.
A new episode is being added that along with it comes the wireless printing technique. There have been speculations that next iPad is coming with Face-Time facility by the end of this year but how far the printing techniques coming to iPad is still not confirmed.
We can say anything right now because officially nothing has been declared yet. People sourcing from insiders and cooking up curry is all what we can say till declaration comes from the concerned authority.
And here Apple is the sole charge of it. So leave it to them.

Thanks, PCWorld.com

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