iPad watch out LG, Verizon/Google and Palm, they are here for battle.

After iPad was successfully launched making a phenomenal sales record many Top brand express their interest in making their brand iPad. The tech savvy user were asking where the iPad competitors are for a while but now it seems like it’s slowly starting to pick up with LG, Palm, and Google/Verizon hitting the news.

Palm recently acquired by HP is in full steam ahead on a webOS tablet which may be the best OS from other competitors as according to UI standpoint to compete with iOS. The report also says that they will release “a webOS-based product in Early 2011.

Even Verizon who had a great success run with the Android-powered Droid smartphone make looks to be turning towards Google. At the end it might called as DroidPad.

LG, who makes the terrific LED IPS panels for the current iPhone 4 and iPad says they are going to focus on substance creation as a way to compete and that their tablet will “be better than the iPad”. So much confidence they have in their product. Can LG able to break the sales record of Apple iPad? For that we need to wait.

According to source, it states that Google is building a Chrome OS tablet. It seems they are really real into building iPad. No surprise there since HTC churned out the Nexus One for Google. We will not be surprise if Google is collaborating with Verizon in launching the product.



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